The two houses that are less than 80 squares indicate that your home is not good, and it has nothing to do with the area.

Among the small-sized units with limited area, the most capable of changing the atmosphere of the scene is non-tone. The color rendering can make the existing space produce shades of change. Needless to say, every young person favors a more intimate lifestyle, or a variety of personality, or a fresh and open mind. Just as the A and B units in the model of Yufu in the west suburb of Xiangyu, Huaqiao, Kunshan, have different visual perceptions, but they are also quite comfortable and comfortable.

1. Modern minimalist style A

Simple and generous atmosphere, after returning home, you will enjoy peace and harmony. The designer Fang Lei digs deeply into the charm of the lines and touches in the material, and uses linear elements to neat furniture to combine the avant-garde and free living space.

The open-air restaurant blurs the line of isolation in each functional area and opens up the space without significant cramps.


Vertical louvers spread from the entrance to the living room area. Interspersed with the TV background wall, and the top element is staggered to create the overall vision of the facade. Simple shape, light texture. Loosely configured, giving space flow and breath.

At the mouth of the channel, it was planned after the non-load-bearing wall was destroyed.


The window is pleasing and the machine is in full bloom. Linear elements create visual memory points. Looks like casual furniture collocation, in fact, gives the bedroom an elegant and bright quality.


The color of the wood is a warm touch for the study, which makes people's thoughts settle. The folding bed is hidden beneath the bookcase, and the two are integrated and beautiful, and the switching of multiple usage scenes is realized.

Small households have broken through the aesthetic standards and housing psychology that people have pursued in the past, and are increasingly favored by young people who have style and quality. This designer Fang Lei said: "Whether you follow the simple style or color control, you need to have a calm heart, proceed from practical functions, and construct a living environment with a simple and natural design vocabulary. Use the texture of the content to present the infinite charm of a small apartment without exaggeration."

2. Stylish modern style B

Having an attitude and daring to pursue is the “mind” of young people's lives. It is also the inspiration of designer Fang Lei in the B-unit type. “Starting from the habits and mindsets of young groups, we use macarons to light up the space atmosphere. Blue-green paint panels run through all areas. Colors and lines are intertwined to create a modern mix and match space.” says Fang Lei, the designer. Indicated.


In-wall entrance cabinets will be incorporated into intangibles, which will increase space utilization and combine practical and decorative effects.


The open-air restaurant is connected with the water bar and the kitchen. The wide mirrors enrich the sense of space and collide with the geometric elements of the mix to create a relaxed and relaxing environment.



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