The Modern Man - How to Approach a Woman

My friend and other single men say that women are Text Chemistry Review often so afraid of getting hurt (because of being burned in past relationships) that they're overly cautious when first dating a new man. They might hold back, put up "walls" they're not even aware of, and/or be unwilling to have a second date with someone unless he meets all of their many requirements.

Where can I meet women? The correct answer is almost anywhere. No seriously whether it is at work, in bars or clubs ladies are everywhere. If you are looking to date new women the question you should be asking is 'where can I meet women and have a decent conversation with them, hopefully without the interruption'? How many times have you been at a nightclub and seen a woman you take a fancy to, you say 'Hi', she cannot hear a word you are saying and replies literally 'bye'. Either the music is too loud, she is with a group of girlfriends, her boyfriend is lurking around, you are getting out of pocket just buying drinks to have a conversation with her, the list goes on and on. Bars and Clubs are not the ideal place to meet ladies. From my experience and friends that I know there are some favorite places to meet ladies. Take a look at the following and decide for yourself.

The drive of love, lust, and something in between can create many an interesting situation. For a man, how to approach a woman is made that much harder by how much we are interested in her...and why. Each situation needs a personalized technique, yet it does not need to be unique to that woman alone.



  • I think you can find a cool guy anywhere in the bar and in the club and on the dating site. I met a guy on a dating site and now we are happy, although my friends said that you can't find a serious relationship on a dating site.

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  • Avoid commenting on her appearance. Make small talk. Read her body language. Choose your setting wisely. Ditch the cockiness. Make her smile. Notice your surroundings. Respect the sisterhood. mobdro apk

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