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Spruz welcomes Ning Refuges
Category: Ning Transition

It came as a big surprise to a lot of people when Ning announced yesterday that it would be ending it’s free service. But don't worry Ning users! Spruz welcomes you to a platform that has many of the same features and a strong track record.

Sometimes change is for the best! With Spruz;

  1. You are part of a network that really cares about it's users
  2. Experience a deep level of customization and flexibility
  3. Easily use our Invite Feature to import your members from Ning. Need help, we will even do it for you!
  4. Affordable upgrade options (Plans from only $9.95/mo)
  5. 100's of Features, and we are continually adding more.
  6. We listen to our community and make adjustments our members want or need
  7. You are not locked in, you can export your data.

You can count on Spruz;

  1. We have been providing social websites since 2002 from our original property (A site focused on gaming social websites)
  2. We don't have the overhead or investors dictating our path, we are a company for the community.
  3. We have already tried premium only, only to find out it is a mistake! Free websites help a web company grow virally.
  4. We have the right balance of Free and Premium offerings to ensure we will stay in business for aeons, because we are already profitable!

With that said we would like to officially roll out the welcome mat to our new friends coming over from Ning. We will continue innovating and leading the way in social network technology. You are FREE to stay as long as you like!


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