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Platform update - Category Sorting, Login as member and More!


We have recently an update to your website that adds a few improvements.

  1. Category Sorting - Next time you manage your category lists for discussions, blogs, etc you will notice a double arrow icon that by clicking on holding will allow you to re-arrange your category structure. By default categories sort by name.
  2. Login as Member - Ever want to see how your site looks or functions from one of your members point of view? From the members profile page we have added a new option that allows the site creator to login as any user on the website with just one click, no emails or passwords needed. This function should come in really handy to better troubleshoot issues within your site structure and permissions as well as being about to walk a member through how to do something within your website! Due to the security sensitive nature of this function, this feature only works from the site creators account. 
  3. Manually Add Members to a group - We have seen this as a common requested feature. This should make it much easier to structure out your groups and further expands the functionality for this feature. To add a member go to the group members section of a group and start to type the name of the member you wish to add to a group into the box on that page.


We have a number of new features in development planned for release in the next few weeks.

If you have problems or issues related to the improvements in this update please make sure to report them via support ticket so we can correct those problems as soon as possible!



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