Path of exile 3.1.0c Patch Notes

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Lightless Grubs, including those spawned by Pitworms, no longer have 'spirits'. Abyss Rares absorb spirit charges from their stronger fallen allies. Because grubs can be spawned by the Pitworms indefinitely, this means the usually limited resource of spirits was being granted over and over by repeatedly spawning worms. These spirit charges grant life when expended, making for encounters that lasted indefinitely.

1) Fixed a bug where Ancestral Protector and Ancestral Warchief had a smaller melee range than intended while Unarmed.

2) Fixed a bug where Volatile Dead was not dealing damage if it did not have line of sight to its target upon spawning.

3) Fixed a bug where Curse on Hit did not work with Despair.

4) Fixed a bug where Abyss monsters could spawn too early in certain areas and interfere with normal Abyss mechanics. We still have one case of this to fix, it should be resolved in the next patch.

5) Fixed a bug where socketing an Abyss Jewel into an Abyss Socket did not grant credit for the 'Socket Abyss Jewel' challenge if that item was not equipped.

6) Fixed a bug with some doors in Abyssal Depths not having the correct blocking.

7) Fixed a bug where the monsters in the Lookout Map boss encounter were able to be used as minions.

8) Fixed a crash with Cremation when linked to Spell Totem.

9) Fixed two instance crashes.

Kill the spawners, I guess. Depending on the map and build I found this to be impossible a lot of the time. Those spawners are hard to see in a dark map while you're hitting with Molten Strike and Ancestral Call.

This is a great change. I'm fine with these things being tough and relying on a limited resource to be difficult, as long as it is actually limited.



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