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Official Spruz Backup and Restore App
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For the past few months we have been hard at work developing a desktop application that allows you to backup and restore your Spruz site data. With the new Spruz Backup app (released today!), you can create as many local backups of your site data as you want. If you manage multiple Spruz sites, you can manage backups of several different sites. Download the Spruz Backup app from the downloads section on

The Spruz Backup requires Adobe Air ( to be installed first, allowing the app to work well across different operating systems.

After you have installed the app, open it to manage your backups. When you first load the app, you will be presented with the login screen, where you will login with your website address and owner account login for that site. A button at the top will allow you to create a new backup. If you already have a backup completed, it will show in the list on the same screen. You can click any previous backup to have the option of restoring it. You have the option of restoring a select part of your site or a full data restore of your entire site.

Backup often, and you will always have resent data to roll back to if needed.

If you encounter any issues with the application, please let us know through a support request.


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