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New Platform Update - Changes to Member Management

Today we released a new update to the platform that moves all member management features to the front end of the site. The solves issues where administrators wanted to give access for more control over member accounts without having to give full site admin permissions away. This update is part of a larger platform update that is currently in development.

Here is a brief list of improvements and changes;

  1. Profile Moderators can now edit all profile information on an account. This includes moderating the Profile Questions entered.
  2. Profile Moderators can also change Privacy and Notification Settings for members.
  3. Banning of IP and Email Addresses has been added. You can customize this by going to Manage Site > Settings > Manage Settings > Login and Registration. On this page you would list IP's and Emails of accounts you no longer want to access your login or registration pages.
  4. Self Deactivation of accounts has been removed. If a member wants to remove their account you must do it for them or tell them to turn off the notification settings if you want to keep the member in the database.
  5. Member Accounts will be regularly purged for inactivate accounts that have not logged into your website for over a year.
  6. When using the search members box, the search will also search in emails. Thus you can enter a users email address to quickly find a user account.

We understand this change will be an adjustment for some. However we are open to your feedback if we have left out a feature you might have been used to on the platform.

This update is part of a larger platform update in the works. This update will be rolled out in phases and should be completed by Christmas.

 Here is a sneak peak:

  1. We are working on changing the permission systems in the platform for the old access level method, to using roles. Roles will add more flexibility in how you can structure your website moderation hierarchy, by allowing you to create your own roles for members and administrators
  2. New Discussions system that will be far easier to use and navigate. This will also replace the current topics systems used for groups by giving groups their own Discussion categories.
  3. Groups are being re-worked to better tie into the other features of the site. Including Events, Photos, Videos and Blogs. Allowing these systems to be categorized by the group member posting to them.

Like with any update, if you encounter problems or issues please report them to us via a support ticket!

UPDATE 11/11/11

Thank you for your feedback, we understand sometimes changes are released that do not agree well with some. Keep in mind that we release and make changes based on user feedback. While sometimes updates don't seem like an improvement, we must make changes to advance the platform.

In this latest change we see we under estimated the value of sorting members in the list. We have elected to return the backend member list. While keeping the management of members on the profile page.

This update has already been applied.



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