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New Plan Changes Released
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We hope everyone is having a great new year so far! Our team has been busy on new platform features and improvements that you all will be able to enjoy really soon.

As mentioned in one of our past blog posts here on our Owners' Community we planned to announce changes to our plan structure shortly into the new year. Effective today we have made the following adjustments to our premium plans and some minor adjustments on our Free Service.

New Custom Scripting Restrictions on all current and future free websites. If you have a Free website you may no longer use custom scripting (JavaScript). While we know many of you may rely on our platforms friendliness to scripting it is something that is now only allowed when you upgrade. The reason behind this was too many people are abusing our free offering by creating spam sites, using us only for SEO and so on. This activity effects everyone, thus we felt it was best action we could take and a good alternative over ending our free website offering.

Changes to our premium plan structure:

First, if you are already a upgraded client these changes will not effect you. These changes are only in effect for new upgrade or plan changes.

In order to simplify our plans we have renamed all plans, and they include the following changes:

Spruz Basic, our $9.95/mo plan no longer includes the Ad Manager and Member Subscription Module.

Spruz Plus, our $19.95/mo plan includes the Ad Manager

and Spruz Pro our $49.95/mo plan includes the Ad Manager and Video uploading.

Our member subscription module is now a $10/mo addition on all plans. Video uploading can no longer be added to any plan and is only included with our Spruz Pro plan.

You can view a full plan comparison at

We have also eliminated our $100/mo Enterprise support plan and instead offer our Expert Access where you can purchase blocks of time to spend with one of our very knowledgeable Spruz platform developers. Your time block can be used on anything from learning more about the Spruz platform to strategy on how to build a money making website with Spruz. Click here to order or learn more

We do want to extend a promotional 10% discount to everyone. You can use this you are planning on upgrading or changing your plan.

The code is: cd-5

Enter the above code into the promo code box on our upgrade page. At the end of your order a 10% additional discount will be applied. Save big by ordering yearly for a maximum discount. The code will expire at the end of this month.

We want to thank everyone in advance for their understanding on these changes.


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