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  • I have an initial level of playing the drums, but I decided to buy a better model for myself. So that I already have it for the future. And I bought a Roland TD-17KV thanks to this site I am completely satisfied with the electronic installation and I do not see any shortcomings in it. Good sound, the ability to customize each pad. There is a metronome, which is convenient to work with.
  • Hey man! Listen, can I find a new guitar there? The point is, I recently started uploading my recordings to spotify. Now I want to improve my sound, so I decided to change my guitar. By the way, since you are also a musician, if you need a promotion service, then click here for more information. I used this service and was satisfied.

  • Probably the best way is to create a great playlist that people would like to listen to. Put some popular songs to the top places in the playlist. Make a playlist you yourself would love to listen to. Then listen to it yourself, maybe talk about it to your friends. More people will listen the more your playlist will appear in search. It is also great to name the playlist with some great keywords people will search for. Try few things and something will eventually click. Once you hit 100 followers you can join Daily Playlists and that will grow your followers. If you are interested in more about making a famous Spotify playlist there is this group here on quora you can join. There is a lot of information there. Much more than I can write here. And you can also add what you found about this topic. So if you want to know more you can join the group here

  • I rather think you need to mass market your fan base in some way to attract new listeners for your music. So, I've read that Spotify is the best in that regard. All you have to do is browse this site to get started there. But don't forget about fun and interesting music. If your music is enjoyable, people will really appreciate your account and subscribe to it.

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