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Membership Registration System Changes

Today we will release a new update that greatly changes how site membership is handled. In the past when a member registered on your site they registered with the Spruz Platform as a whole. The reason behind this was to make it easy for users to join other websites in the Spruz network, along with a list of other advantages (Spam Prevention, Platform Administration, Support, Etc). However this has proven to have some disadvantages. The main problem with this method was a member remembering they registered on another Spruz website. Thus when a user registered in some cases they would get the "You Already have an account" message. This has caused confusion for users of websites in the past and at this stage we would rather eliminate this problem. To do this we had to rewrite the membership core of the platform so that when members join your site, they are truly your members!

In our goal of improving Spruz we have removed Spruz Single Signin. Now when members register, they are only registered on your website and no where else.

By rolling this update we have added some new features that improve your administration over members.

  1. Manually Adding of Member Accounts - Now from your member page administrators can manually add members. This should make things much easier for admins on private or invite only websites.
  2. Manually Confirm Emails - In the past the only methods of confirming an email account where for the member to get the email and click the link. However we are aware sometimes spam filters stand in the way. Now the site administrator can manually confirm the email for the end user.
  3. Reset Member Passwords - When viewing the member details of a member from your member management page you can now click the Reset Password link to reset the users password to an auto generated password.

Also included with this update are a range of other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

If you encounter issues, problems, errors with this update please report them via support ticket at

We will not troubleshoot issues via comments!!! Comments related to problems or issues will be removed.



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