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IE9, Huge Site Performance Improvements, and Email Content Templates

Yesterday we rolled out an update which we have been working hard on for last few months. Along with working on new features we knew it was very important to make sure everything worked well for the final release of Internet Explorer 9 (which just came out a couple days ago). Additionally, we know that load speed and performance of your sites is of the utmost priority. With all that in mind we structured a plan of action to re-write and re-structure almost every aspect of the platform to optimize performance, decrease load time and have great compatibility with all modern browsers (including the very latest).

We are pleased to inform you that we have accomplished our goals. In our side-by-side speed test comparisons, the updated Spruz platform loads pages as much as twice as fast as before the update! Also, the Spruz platform is now completely compatible with the new IE browser and should work great in the new Firefox browser when it comes out in a couple months. During this process, we went through all our code written over the last 5 years to optimize and bring everything current with the latest technologies in mind. This opens the door for new and exciting future development.

We also recently completed a new Content Template section for deeper site customization: Email Templates. Now you can customize each of the email types that your site sends out to members. You can fully tailor each one with full HTML support to fit the needs of your site.


Note: This update required many resource files to be updated. Even though we have taken all possible measures to try to force your browser to get the latest version of the updated files some browsers may ignore that. In this case, you may expirence problems or errors on your site. The solution is to clear your cache and restart your browser to correct your issues.


As with any major update, there may be a bug or two which we missed. If you encounter any problems, please let us know in a support request and we will address it.


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