I Love that Path of Exile Has Such A Long Learning Curve

PoE is an awesome game, and GGG is an awesome company. The grind from 97 to 100 was terrible and I really wanted to give up, because I had so much loot accumulated and I desperately wanted to reroll and try a new playstyle. I improved a lot from Harbinger to now, and I have some ideas for how I want to improve next league too. I love that PoE has such a long learning curve.

Bestiary beasts - these guys were great. The yellows were better after the buff, but the reds really shined, because they didnít just fall over, and they actually did damage to you when they were alive, making you move around the field. These and Abyss rares are great for the game I think, and I hope GGG adds even more high-health/damage resistant mobs in the next league. I had some epic fights where an abyss would path into a red beast, and Iíd like to see more of that kind of stuff.

I found 15 exalted orbs, 13 divine orbs, and 8 orbs of annulment on my trip to 100. I also picked up silver coins until the end (stopped running prophecies at around 95) and I have 710. Finally, I collected fusings until the end too. After converting jewelers, I found around 800 fusings going from level 97 to 98, 1400 going from 98 to 99, and about 1900 going from 99 to 100. Worth noting is that 5 of the exalts dropped going from 99 to 100. I also finished a set of Saint's Treasure for 2 more exalted.

I found every non-restricted unique in the game other than two: Koamís Heart and Skyforth. Everything else dropped, including all flasks, build-enablers like Shavs, Tukohamas, Lycoside, etc etc, usually in multiple copies. I say this to embolden players who want to try SSF but are afraid they will be too limited on builds; you might not find the one item you want, but youíll probably find something good! (And if you play long enough, youíll find basically everything). On the other hand, I didn't see any un-corrupted 6-link drops.

I collected 458 Tul, , 601 Xoph, 598 Esh, 214 Uul-Netol, and 89 Chayula splinters. I finished two sets of The Obscured, which gave a Tul and a Xoph breachstone.

I found 47 Abyssal Depths, and 11 Liches. I never got the Shroud of the Lightless chest, but I did get a few pairs of 2s gloves. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe buy currency from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.



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