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How Do I Make Money From My Site?

Q: How do I make money from my site?

A: While it is a simple concept, making money from your site is not easy.  You will need to work towards making your site profitable like any business. 


One option is to use an ad service or affiliate service:

Google Adsense

Display ads on your website that are suited to your audience's interests, and earn from valid clicks or impressions.

Commission Junction

Whether you choose to manage your own affiliate relationships or have CJ manage them for you, they have a variety of things you need to get started and make money.


A completely independent and effective advertising exchange platform, focused on maximizing Revenue with sophisticated, unmatched targeting and optimization technology.


If you use these services with the ad manager add-on you can easily place ads all over your site.


Another option is to advertise through spruz:

Spruz offers the ability to sponsor (advertise on) free sites and this is included in all premium plans.  You can upgrade today to start advertising on the spruz platform.  Each plan includes a different amount of sites you can advertise on.  This will not directly make you money but can help promote your site to bring more traffic to your site and indirectly increase revenue provided you have one of the other methods listed in this article.  To find out more about Sponsoring a free site read "How do I start my Free Advertising?"

Free Plan: None

Starter Plan: 5 websites

Plus Plan: 50 websites

Unlimited Plan: 125 websites

*These numbers may change and you should check our plan comparison page for accurate up-to-date information.


You can also add a shopping cart to your site:

Spruz offers the shopping cart add-on for $10/mo and allows you to open your own online store.  Check with your local government to make sure you don't need anything (licenses or business certificate) to sell certain goods online.  A very good resource for starting your own business is the Small Business Association website.  Once you have your online store set-up contact a distributor to get the merchandise you want to sell.


Another way to make money is to use the member subscription module:

Spruz offers a very useful add-on called the member subscription module.  This allows you to charge a fee/subscription to use your site or a certain area of your site.  To learn more about the member subscription module read "What is the member subscription module?"


Published:Jun 17th 2011
Modified:Jun 17th 2011

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