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What is the member subscription module?

Your website may feature a member subscription module that makes it easy to charge members a fee for accessing some content on your website.

Our Subscription Module Features;

  1. Setting up page and feature access for people that have purchased a subscription
  2. Integration with PayPal payment processing that only requires you to have a verified PayPal Account to accept payments.
  3. Support for setting up subscriptions using Days, Weeks, Months and Years
  4. Currency Support for US, Canada, Euro, Sterling and AUD
  5. Automatic permission assignment, once a member subscriptions they will be granted subscription level access to your site within 5 minutes.
  6. Customizable Subscription Description and Title.
  7. Subscriber report to see how your active and expired subscribers
  8. Free Trial support to offer subscribers a way to try your service before payment. Requires the subscriber to cancel if they do not want to be billed further

Our Member Subscription feature is a premium feature that is only enabled once a plan is purchased.  


Author:Jay Roberts
Published:Nov 24th 2010
Modified:Nov 24th 2010

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