How Bowen Therapy Can Cure Neck Pain

Slip and fall has been the major cause of injury-inflicting Feel Good Knees Review and injury-leading accidents. It is the generic term for an injury that takes place when a person slips, trips or falls as a result of an unsafe circumstance. Slips occur when there is very less friction between your feet or footwear and the surface on which you are walking while falls are associated with the foot collision or off balance either from the elevated height or from the same surface. Many people do not fully grasp the severity of these accidents especially at an older age. Even as a young adult, the outcomes can be more damaging than initially expected.

Slip and fall accidents may occur anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Common causes of these accidents are typically preventable. Indoors, they can be a result of wet and slippery or slippery-textured floors, sudden dip or rise on the floor level, rippled or torn carpets, cracks or holes on the floor, stairs with uneven surfaces, dirt or trash on them or have broken handrails, exposed cable wires and low lighting. Outdoors, they can be a result of cracks on the pathway, sudden dips or rises in ground surface, potholes, ice, and clutter or slippery spills on your way. Other causes include illnesses and physical conditions such as eye conditions and vision problems, dizziness, motor function, bone health, experiencing the side effects of medication, and alcohol intoxication.

Bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and the nervous system may suffer trauma from slip and fall accidents. Furthermore, this trauma can cause vertebral misalignment, or subluxation, which interferes with the signals in the nervous system and may also cause pinched nerves, neck pain, back pain, and even permanent disability. Our spine has 24 segments and each of these connections has several joints. When a joint is injured due to a slip or fall, the joint can swell, have muscle injury or ligament injury that may result to localized pain, muscle spasms, and pain to other parts of the body. The injuries can greatly affect a person's mood, job performance, and ability to maintain the quality of life.



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