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Forum Ranks / Titles based on Posts.

Q: How do I setup my forum to have ranks based on post counts?


1.) Log in to your site

2.) Click "Manage Site"

3.)  Go to your Forums page in your navigation or go to the link [] or []

      If you have a different TLD than .com use that in the address instead.

4.) Click "forum options"

5.) On the right side you should see the area shown below.  Fill in the title or Rank name and the amount of posts needed to achieve that rank or title.  Then click "add" to add it to the list.

6. Once you add it you will see the title and posts for that  rank in the list below the "add new forum title."  You will also see an option to delete it if you made a mistake or no longer want it.  This list is ordered by the order you do them in but does not change the order members can achieve them in.  The post count determines the order members can gain these levels.  Keep in mind you want your members to be able to achieve them but don't make it to easy.

Published:Aug 4th 2011
Modified:Aug 4th 2011

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