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Top Level Domain is usually referred together with the domain name as the domain locates an organization or other entity on the internet.  A Top-Level Domain is the .com (.net, .org, etc..) portion of  web address which identifies what that entity is.  The domain is the portion before the TLD which if we use, "spruz" is the domain.  If you have a sub-domain it would be the part before the domain for example where "my" is the subdomain.  If you have a free site you have a sub-domain of Spruz's domain name.  A domain name is used to mask the web server IP address and make it easier to find the website on the internet.


ICANN was formed in 1998. It is a not-for-profit corporation with participants from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and easy to use. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet’s unique identifiers.  ICANN manages the Internet's naming system and in doing so maintains an important impact on the expansion and evolution of the Internet.


You can purchase a domain name for $19.95/year through Spruz by going to the upgrade page.  Here is a list of commonly used TLDs and the ones you can purchase through Spruz.



TLD Entity Description


through Spruz

.aero Air-Transport Industry Only those in various categories of air-travel-related entities may register. Not Available
.asia Asia-Pacific Region This is a TLD for any entity based in the region of Asia, Australia, or the Pacific. Not Available
.be Belgium This is the TLD for Belgium but can be registered by anyone and used for any purpose.  Upgrade Now
.biz Business Any person or entity is permitted to register but may be challenged later if it is not held by a commercial entity in accordance with the domain's charter. Upgrade Now
.ca Canada Subject to Canadian Presence Requirements.  You must be a resident of Canada or company Affiliated with Canada. Upgrade Now
.cat Catalan This is a TLD reserved for Web sites in the Catalan language or related to Catalan culture. Not Available
.com Commercial Originally intended for commercial use, it later became the "main" TLD for domain names.  This TLD can be registered by anyone. Upgrade Now
.coop Cooperatives This TLD is limited to cooperatives and is defined by the Rochdale Principles Not Available
.edu Educational The .edu TLD is limited to educational institutions. Not Available
.gov Governmental The .gov TLD is limited to U.S. governmental entities,agencies, and institutions. Not Available
.info Information This TLD is intended for informative Internet resources but anyone can use it for any purpose. Upgrade Now
.int International Organizations The .int TLD is limited to entities, or programs that are endorsed by a treaty between two or more nations. Not Available
.jobs Companies This TLD is restricted to employment-related sites. Not Available
.mil U.S. Military Only used by the US Military Not Available
.mobi Mobile Devices Go to mobiForge to analyze the mobile readiness of your website using a free testing tool called  This TLD is limited to mobile device compatible websites. Not Available
.museum Museum Limited to legitimate museum Institutions. Not Available
.name Individuals Any person or entity is permitted to register and is used for individuals or fictional characters. Not Available
.net Network Originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies but is now a general purpose domain name. Upgrade Now
.org Organization Originally intended for non-profit organizations but it can be used by any noncommercial entity. Upgrade Now
.pro Professions The TLD .pro is reserved for licensed or certified professionals and must be able to provide the registrar with the appropriate credentials. Not Available
.tel Internet Communication Services This TLD's purpose is to provide a single name space for Internet communications services. Not Available
.travel Travel and Tourism Industry This TLD is restricted to use by travel agents, airlines, bed and breakfast operators, tourism bureaus, and others in the travel industry. Not Available
.us United States of America Commonly used by U.S. government Intstitutions instead of the .gov TLD. Upgrade Now
.xxx Adult Entertainment This TLD is for websites providing sexually-explicit content, such as pornography.  It is against Spruz's Terms of Service to have this kind of site. Not Available
Published:Jun 24th 2011
Modified:Jun 24th 2011

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