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How many times have you been given feedback? How many Uncompromised Life times have you reacted angrily to this feedback? How dare they? On reflection, how many times has the feedback been constructive in hindsight and had you acted upon it, would have made you a better person.We must use feedback as a tool to improve ourselves.I visited a client this week and he explained how one of his interns had complained to him that another senior member of staff was constantly criticising him and picking on him. Now there could have been a number of scenarios here.

It transpired that the intern was a straight A student but he had a very poor work ethic. He felt that the internship was a nuisance and that he was automatically overqualified because of his intellectual ability. While I understood his thinking it was disappointing to see a 21 year old behave in this way.Event x Response = OutcomeThe outcome that was happening in this case was negative primarily because of the way in which he chose to react to the feedback being given. Granted, the giver of feedback needed to be communicated with as well to ensure that feedback was constructively given and this was done.

Without feedback, we learn through trial and error and that is too slow in this day and age. With feedback we can accelerate our progress and achieve success much quicker.Asking for feedback continuously is a very healthy habit to generate. Asking for it makes it easier for the other person to give.In retail, you often see signs "If you are unhappy with our service, please tell us, If you are happy, please tell your friends" If you are not receptive to feedback, the feedback will go elsewhere and work against you rather than for you.



  • By the way, I think that our universities lack the socialization of students. I often came across the fact that future specialists spend all their time on textbooks. They do not have time to adapt to the outside world. They come to the team from a narrow world filled with writing and exams. This is problem.

  • I have never had such a problem. I immediately decided that I want to start working in my specialty from the second year of study. I became a quarter-time intern. Online service rushessay helped me do part of the writing assignments and this gave me extra time. I learned to work in a team without even graduating from university. And that was the right decision.

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