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Community of the Week: Uniquic Networking Online

This week's Community of the Week is Uniquic Networking Online, created by UNIQUIC.

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Uniquic Networking Online


1. Could you explain what your site is about for those that aren't familiar with it?

We are a group  of business professionals who empower, develop, and enhance each other.


2. What gave you the idea to create a site? Was it a natural extension of a hobby or passion you already had?

It was a natural part of our company, in that we offer fashion, style, beauty and health information to our clients. So creating a site to give information to our fellow small business owners wasn't a stretch for us.


3. Is your site a join effort between you and other co-creators, or did you create it by yourself?

It was mostly done by myself with some input from my co-creator in our company.


4. How did you hear about Spruz?

I went on a Google search and looked for a free online networking sites.


5. What feature has your community found most useful?

Our community finds the forum we call the "Message Board" the most useful.  It connects everyone together if they aren't in the same group.


6. Do you have any tips or suggestions for other site owners? Was there anything you wish you had known when you created your community that you know today?

Some suggestions that I would make to offer site owners are to create site rules in the beginning and stick to them and to moderate all petitions to join their communities.  It's like your home ie... you wouldn't let anyone come in your house who you don't know anything about.  And we all have house rules in our homes because we don't want people tearing up our houses.

One thing that I wish I had known was that you shouldn't be over zealous in accepting petitions and to verify petitions to see if they reflect what your community is about.


7. Was there anything else you'd like to add?

I find that the Spruz Community Forum is very helpful and everyone is very nice and courteous. Thanks Spruz!


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