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Community of the Week: Knight Rider Radio

This week's Community of the Week is Knight Rider Radio, created by DJ KNIGHTMAN.

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Knight Rider Radio


1. Could you explain what your site is about for those that aren't familiar with it?   

This site is a internet radio station site!


2. What gave you the idea to create a site? Was it a natural extension of a hobby or passion you already had?

Well I came to Spruz when Ning was starting to charge there members and it's a hobby and a passion for music. I want to help promote artist who can't get there music heard on a FM or AM station and to be able to give my listeners a wide choice in music and entertainment to listen to!


3. Is your site a join effort between you and other co-creators, or did you create it by yourself?

 I created everything myself!


4. How did you hear about Spruz?

Surfing the web!


5. What feature has your community found most useful?

To be able to embed features!


6. Do you have any tips or suggestions for other site owners? Was there anything you wish you had known when you created your community that you know today?

[Spruz] is a great tool to promote a business or whatever your passion is.


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