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Community Spotlight, Week of 6-6-10

Community of the Week

This week's Community of the Week is Homes for Homless Vets. The site was created by SEADOG to "Provide Homes, Services and Employment for Veterans, Disabled Veterans, Dislocated Veterans, presently serving members of the military and their families who need assistance."

A favorite quote of mine is, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Homes for Homeless Vets does just that. The site is designed to waste no time in getting to the point. Everything from its URL ( to the images used engage make the visitors acquainted with its purpose. The no-clutter ensures that there is an obvious hierarchy and structure to the page.
The beauty of community websites is that they allow people to come together around a subject they all feel strongly about. Homes for Homeless Vets makes great use of the community centric features Spruz offers, drawing visitors further into the site and helping ensure it remains strong. There's no greater feeling than working with others to make someone else's life better.
Our hats go off to everyone at Homes for Homeless Vets!
There are two more weeks to go before the community will once again vote for the top Community of the Week! If you'd like a shot at our next round of rewards post an introduction that follows the guidelines we've provided.
Suggestion of the Week
This week's suggestion comes from Alyssa Alcott. She recommends that members be able to view conversations taking place between two member, ala Facebook's "wall. It's a feature she's found very useful on other websites and thinks it would make a great addition to the Spruz platform.
As always we want to hear what you think about each idea. If you've thought of a feature you'd like to see added to the Spruz platform feel free to post it in the Idea Room. Remember to make it as detailed as possible; all topics must be approved before they'll appear.
Tip of the Week
This week's tip is from SplinterEffects, who has posted an easy to understand guide on how to
set up your forum. This is a great tutorial for anyone who many not be used to the forum system
offered by Spruz, which allows for more depth than other services but can be a bit confusing to beginners.
What's your opinion? Post a response or a tip of your own in our Tips and Tricks forum.

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