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Community Spotlight, Week of 2-29-10

I hope everyone had a good week and a rest filled Saturday. Tomorrow's Easter and I'm ready to eat some candy-filled eggs (who isn't?!). To help keep things on track, all site introductions will be reviewed Monday at 6 EST. How's that for consistency! 


Community of the Week

It's my honor to announce that Mass Themes is the Community of the Week! The website was created by MassThemes and is a web design company.

Mass Themes takes the saying "First impressions are everything" to heart. The entire site has a very clean and uniform design to it. This helps ensure that all the pages feel like they're part of something bigger, though they each serve a unique purpose. Color is used sparingly but appropriately, drawing attention to things that are important, such as links. Every detail of the website has been customized, from the subtle yet defined background to the color of the icons in the Skysa bar.
Congratulations once again to MassThemes of, uh... Mass Themes! Stop by their [very creative] introduction post for more information.
Time is ticking away for the Spruz Community Competition, the winner of which will receive six months of free upgrades with Spruz among many other fabulous prizes. There are only two more sites that will be featured, so if you'd like a shot at it post an introduction that follows the guidelines we've provided.
Suggestion of the Week
This week's suggestion comes from Sol Olsen. They proposed that the "Invite" page get a revamp, making it much easier for members to use. The main change would be better categorization and a cleaner interface than what exists currently. Stop by the topic and share your opinion!
Tip of the Week
This week's tip is actually a collection of them provided by Gazac, the winner of last week's "Community of the Week" title. All of them make use of the easy to use "Custom Modifiers" system built into the Spruz platform.

It's possible to further customize what Gazac has shared with us even further to suit the needs of your site with CSS.


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