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One of the greatest advantages you have by using us as your technology solution is the way we add new features and make improvements on a regular basis. When we update, your site is automatically updated allowing you to take advantage of these changes right away.

We have been working hard at developing improvements and features for your future enjoyment. Many times we will post inside information on our Twitter page at

Below is some updates on features we have been working on and we have planned for release.

New and Improved Event System

Our new event system that was originally slated for release at the end of last month will be ready for roll out in the next few weeks. The new event system greatly improves the look and functionality over using the existing event calendar. Once released we will begin to phase out the old event calendar system. Some new features include a whole new look, better moderation options, event commenting options, event photos, setup pay events, and much more!

Overall system improvements

Over the next few weeks you will see changes with how elements work and the way things are loaded on the page.

  • We are moving forward with converting a number of our elements with the way they load and request information using Ajax (Ajax is a programming method of loading in a block of HTML rather then the whole page). This will reduce full page load time and give the appearance of a faster website.
  • Featuring of Videos, Blogs, Photos and other information
  • Adding Content Moderation to areas like Videos, Blog, Photos and more to allow you to approve content before it is viable by the general public.
  • Adding more RSS feeds to things like the forums, site activity, etc
  • We are tackling a whole list of small tweaks, adjustments and usability improvements to polish out current systems.
  • New element options to add more personalized customization.
  • New Admin/Management Area Welcome Page Coming Soon.

Major New Features on the Horizon (Slated for completion by the end of the year)

  • Wiki type knowledge base system. This system will allow anyone to edit and create pages with full moderation controls with a very deep page structure.
  • Member Points System. This will be a customizable system that allows you to set point values for site participation from your members
  • Member Titles and Prefix Options based on access level.
  • Element Viewing Options similar to the Profile Elements. So that you may select elements you want to show only to people visiting your website then show something else to someone that is member on the page or display the element to everyone.

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