Your Personal Connection to Source

This is not for us to determine.  Individualogist Review YOU are the one who set up your contract and it is for you to acknowledge it. We have given you guidance and you are blind to it. The opportunities that come your way may not look as such to you. They may look like personal disasters, disagreeable tasks, and impossible people. A divorce, losing a job, and getting ill are all parts of the guidance you asked for and which we give to you as gifts of our love for you. The information is veiled, hidden within the experience, because you wished it so.

You set up the rules for this game of life on this planet and we agreed to abide by them. You are the ones in power and we are your servants. One of the main rules is that we may not spell out for you what you have hidden so well from yourself. It is not for us to blurt out to you exactly what is in your contract this lifetime, for the one reason is that you wished to discern that for yourself. YOU wished to have this grand challenge. Now you wish to change the rules. You throw your arms up and look to the heavens where you believe we reside and beseech us to tell you what you're supposed to be doing with your life.

Here is our answer: You are supposed to be doing exactly what you are already doing. You - each of you - are already on your path. You are moving at exactly the perfect pace for you and in the exactly perfect direction for you. What you are "supposed to be doing" is discovering for yourself what you wish to do in order to use your particular and unique talents, abilities, wisdom, knowledge, and experiences for the highest and best good of all concerned.



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