There are planes aplenty in the game, all belonging to one of three classes: fighters, great for dogfighting, heavy fighters, which are harder to manoeuvre, and attack planes, which should be used on bombing runs. There are over 100 planes to unlock, which each new plane just a bit better than the last. Clearly, Wargaming wants you in for the long haul, unlocking planes to dominate the air. In addition to each class of plane, they’re also lumped into one of ten tiers; you’ll always be playing against enemies in a similar tier to your own.

The release of World of Warplanes marks a great moment for Wargaming, and we are extremely excited to offer players the next great chapter in our gaming universe," said Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi. If you are you looking for more about WoWp Gold check out our website. Just as we did for World of Tanks, we'll continue to grow and evolve World of Warplanes with new content, nations, aircraft and game modes to keep our players fully engaged and always eager to take to the skies.

This free-to-play, kill or be killed multiplayer game is straightforward, fun, and admittedly a bit addictive. Don’t expect a serious flying simulator with a heavy emphasis on strategic maneuvers; World of Warplanes offers a mix of arcade-like action and simple tactics that will keep you engaged despite its repetitive nature. The game is designed to be played in short bursts of two or three matches, unless, of course, you’re on a roll (and not the barrel kind) . The intense dogfights will keep drawing you back in, even if you decided to put the game aside for the day; it just never gets old.

WORLD OF WARPLANES is a free-to-play flight combat MMO from developers Wargaming, the team behind the popular WORLD OF TANKS, that sees players taking to the skies in a variety of aircraft from wars of old and engaging in short, frenzied dogfights above the mountaintops and sand dunes. Being victorious in these dogfights earns you coins, and these coins can be spent on upgrading the planes in your hangar, purchasing new planes, or improving the skills of your crew.

There are a huge amount of customisable options which, what with this being a F2P game, are all purchasable if you drop some real cash in order to obtain virtual currency. Those of you who want to keep WORLD OF WARPLANES free should anticipate no small degree of grinding, but given the swift pace of each air battle, you shouldn’t find this to be too much of a chore.