Whether the Loot Box in PoE is Gambling

Hello fellow PoE players we know that path of exile is a ton of fun and that many of you are on the hunt for those PoE Currency. Of course, I'm also PoE game fan. At the SameTime. I am always watching news related to PoE. According to the survey, Belgian news site RTBF (Google translated), Belgium's Gaming Commission has not actually finalized its decision on whether loot boxes are gambling. The site says the statement that appeared in the original report, stating that the "mixture of money and addiction is a game of chance," is descriptive of the investigation's intent rather than its conclusion.

Two opinions on the news in the forum

A: As it is now, developers don't care about the income from Joe who bought 1 or 2 boxes. It's the people who will spend 100s at a chance to try and get some limited (in this case timed-exclusive) item. He  think mystery boxes can still have a place in games like path of exile where they are used to engage people with the cash shop as rewards without using predatory tactics that target vulnerable demographics.

He would be fine with loot boxes if:

1) There is a hard limit on how many you could buy. Example: First time you buy points in a league, you're rewarded with a mystery box.

2) They are handed out as rewards to get people engaged with the MTX system. You competed in a race and got to level X or placed in top X. Here is a mystery box.

3) You don't get repeats. Guaranteed you don't get something you already have. Positive experience with cash shop, might try to complete a set. If you get some piece you already have, then missed opportunity for someone who may have bought the rest of the set.

4) No exclusive/timed exclusives. If you want that stick em in a supporter pack.

B: While I think what GGG does is less crappy than other games. Doesn't change the fact that it's still a crappy practice.

In a game that relies on people's addictive nature to keep playing, He really feel PoE is the last game that should have loot boxes. The whole, "one more map just so he might get a good drop" works exactly the same as the loot boxes. "One more loot box and he might get those wings."

If you have more opinions, please leave your point, read more...



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