Hoping they fix the broken unique map recipe, make nets target rarest mob, make beasts tradeable and uhm. That's all I can think of atm. I hope they make existing rare recipes more rewarding somehow, perhaps the higher ilvl beasts craft on better bases and have greater chance of higher tier rolls, I've crafted countless rares so far and literally not a single one was useable, not even close to useable even while leveling. Also, don't forget to from U4gm.com to poe buy currency, which is the best choice for path of exile orbs services on the market!

Hope to see addressed in tonight's 3.2.1 post:

1. Far more yellow beasts with slightly higher HP, bit of an uptick in red spawn rate

2. Some sort of beast targeting functionality, maybe similar to influence where it shifts regularly and incentivizes doing different maps

3. Removal of nets as a currency, just let it be an unlock or something. When bestiary goes standard nets are just going to be even more of a pain in thebutt if beasts spawn even less than they do now

4. Make nets target in an aoe so you don't have to go through the hassle of standing around and risking death just to try to target the right mob bs

5. Higher map droprate - anecdotal but I am really struggling this league to find anything above T10 even with alchemy/sextants/full cartographers. Maybe tie in something with bestiary to address this

6. Beast crafting improvements - The recipes should remember where you left off to begin with. I for one would love to see the fighting at the blood altar removed entirely - the beasts are already caught why would we need to risk our lives to fight them just to sacrifice them? it doesn't even make sense and it's a huge hassle.

Change to alchemy orbs, ridiculous how they have strangled them this season, they nerfed enough, that needs to change. Also more relevant beasts.