"Should you be eating that?" A well meaning friend or relative often StrictionD Review doesn't understand that anything is allowed as long as the person with diabetes is following the instructions of her doctor and dietitian. Since each body is different when it comes to what foods work and what foods to avoid, she knows what she can and cannot eat. It would be extremely rude to question what a person without diabetes is eating, so why should a person with diabetes be treated any differently?

"You need a scooter, wheelchair, or a walker." Depending on the severity of a person's diabetes and any complications that she might have, walking or standing for lengthy periods can be very difficult. A person that can stand and walk through difficulty without the use of medical equipment should be applauded. Stating those words to a person with diabetes will put her on the defensive because she is being disabled in other people's eyes when she can still be mobile and self-sufficient without any help. It might take her a little longer to walk, or she might have to sit down after five minutes of standing, but she can still do those things, and she should be encouraged to keep doing them independently."Your doctor is an idiot and isn't treating your diabetes correctly." Unless a member of a person's health care team makes a blatant mistake or makes a judgment that is harmful, it is never a good idea to argue with the person about the care that her health care team is providing to her. Even though other people might not agree with her treatment plan, it might be what is best for her.

"It could be worse, you could have cancer." This statement is extremely objectionable because it downgrades the person's disease and makes it sound like it is nothing compared to cancer. Diabetes is progressive, and its complications are sometimes fatal. "You're a diabetic, you can't do that." This statement is especially insulting because not only does it put the disease first and labels the person, but it has such negative connotations. A person with diabetes can do anything she wants to do within her realm of drive, ability and desire.