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Website Donation Fund Element

​What it's used for

​The Website Donation Fund element is used when you want to allow your site members to donate money directly to your Spruz account that is associated with the website. The funds that they donate to your site are then accessible for you to use on purchasing new upgrades and options. It can also be used to pay on any existing upgrades you may have for your site. The money that is donated into your account is non-transferable, and may only be used for purchase regarding your site.

How to add it

​To add the Website Donation fund element to your site, you click on manage site, add element, hover over standalone elements, and then select the Website Donation Fund from the list. 

You will then have the options to name the header that will appear over the element, enter a description of what the funds will be used for, and select whether or not you want to display the names of those people who may have donated to your site.

​Making it work for you

​The thing you'll want to keep in mind is that people really need to enjoy your site. Getting donations for a site that is just like Facebook or any of the already free and existing social networks out there will be difficult. You need to have your own original contents on your pages so that people will truly appreciate what you are offering them. If they can't get it elsewhere, chances of donations will increase largerly. You might also try and keep up with those who donate and give them special access to pages or features of your site. This works much like the member subscriptions would, but you have to keep up with it manually. 

Site's with specific causes or unique content will always prevail when it comes to donations.

Published:Apr 13th 2012
Modified:Apr 13th 2012

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