NBA 2K20 will be the next major event in the NBA outstanding event. Although at least a quarter of the game is released, fans are already excited about the future. For the NBA 2K20, this is a dynamic, constantly updated center that keeps track of all the latest pre-release news and information, as well as game releases, in one place.

The more you play NBA 2K19, the more you realize that one of the biggest problems in the game is the speed threshold imbalance. Fast lightning players can't beat a bigger, slower player by dribbling. I'm not sure it's about the NBA 2K19 version, but it makes me feel it. For the first time in history, I spent money on virtual currency. In doing so, I realized how to build a strong team without going into the wallet.

Two WNBA stars, Wilson and Renee Montgomery, said the WNBA team might participate in the upcoming NBA 2K. It is not known whether the NBA 2K20 is featuring the entire WNBA league or just the stars in the selection model. It is expected that this game will bring some of the most needed features.

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Although the developer has not announced the official release date, it can be accurately deducted from the release date of the previous version. The first 2K match was released in November, but the last four versions of NBA 2K16, NBA 2K17, NBA 2K18 and NBA 2K19 were released in September. This time is not expected to change, because the NBA 2K20 will be available at the end of September. In the past few years, the NBA 2K game has gone through a difficult period, and the NBA 2K18 is an absolutely bad experience, from tacky gameplay to downright bad micro-transaction policy. Let's take a closer look at the game, when it will be released, and what new features it will contain!