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Understanding Domain Names

To understand what how Domain Names are used, it is best to start with an example: John Sample wishes to register and setup a domain for web site and email services. Here are the steps involved:

 John goes to some company, such as,, etc and finds a domain name that he likes and which isn’t taken by someone else. He then registers it, paying a fee for one or more years. What does this registration actually buy him? It depends on the company he registered at and for what exactly he signed up; however, it usually only means that John has now leased the domain name for some period of time. He doesn’t actually “own” it, he just has the sole right to use it for some period of time, after which he has the right to renew his lease.

Note that when you register a new domain name, it will take up to 24 hours for that domain to become live and functional on the Internet.

Once a domain name is registered it can be used with Web Hosting or a Content Platform like

While Spruz offers domain registration for you, you don't have to register your domain through Spruz to use it with our services.

The fee charged for domain names is separate because you can take your domain name with you if you ever change service providers. As long as your keep your domain registration fees current.


Author:Jay Roberts
Published:Jul 28th 2011
Modified:Jul 28th 2011

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