There is a myth that if you attain a perfect physique, everything else in Leptitox Review life will just fall into place. Many of us, including me, have fallen victim to that myth. We believe that by losing weight we will start to like ourselves better, that all of our problems will magically be solved. But after losing weight, we find that the issues and troubles we had are still there, only now they are more glaring. So what do we do? We start putting the weight back on.

Why not stop that cycle? Why not start defining you? My wish for you is this: stop weighing and start living! What do I mean by that? Evaluate why you are trying to lose weight. I totally support you choosing to lose weight and become healthy for you. Done the proper way and for the right reasons, weight loss is a good thing. But before starting a weight loss plan, ask yourself if you are losing the weight for you. Here are some questions you can ask: Why are you losing the weight? If you were at your perfect weight today, would you be happy? What is missing from your life? What things are you waiting to do until you lose weight? When you have lost weight, what issues will still be there? Answer honestly. If some of your answers make you feel uncomfortable, maybe you need to STOP, THINK and DEFINE you!

Really think about who you are, what is really causing you stress and whether weight loss alone is the answer. Can you honestly say that losing 30, 40 or 50 pounds is going to resolve everything? If you can forget about your weight and just be you, can you replace what is missing in your life? Can you take the person you are today and do all you want to do, without waiting for the scale to hit a certain number? The most important thing to remember is that the idea that you should eat for two is wrong. You only need an additional 300 calories per day, and generally you don't need these calories until you are well on your way to the second and third trimesters.