Diets don't have to mean you are going to spend the rest of your Ketogenic Accelerator Review life grazing at a salad bar. In fact, the diet Im going to talk about here is very possibly going to mean you're eating more each day than ever before! Your mother was right breakfast is the most important meal of the day Breakfast is your essential first meal of the day. This is the one meal that just cannot be skipped if you want to lose those love handles. Breakfast is the meal that kick starts your metabolism each morning, which means your fat burning machine is now working for you!

Many nutritionists suggest you should eat at least four times per day. Others say you should fit seven meals into your day. For most people, anything within this range should do the job. Now that youre eating more often however, you'll want to reduce your meal sizes. You dont want to blow your calorie intake out of the water!

Each meal you eat should contain a serving of protein rich food such as lean red meat, chicken, fish or even egg whites. Fresh vegetables are also essential for good health. The importance of protein Protein rich foods tend to give you that full feeling. Because you're eating protein rich foods eat time you eat, you may even find that you're not even hungry between meals. You should eat every 3 to 4 hours if possible. This is essential to keep your metabolism boosted.