Since Alzheimer's disease is caused by the Memory Hack Review formation of plaques and tangles that destroy brain cells. Strengthening immune system fights against inflammation, heart disease, stroke, reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and healthy diet will help to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Inflammation Strengthening immune system will help to fight off foreign substances, molecules as well as forming of free radicals that help to decrease or prevent any degree of inflammation in joints, skin, and the brain resulting in skin wrinkle, arthritis and memory problems. Cinnamon powder contain high amounts of antioxidant beta carotene that can help to strengthen your immune system and fight against any inflammation.

Mini-Stroke Mini stoke may not have any impact in brain cells but hundreds or thousands of mini strokes may cause the blockage of brain vessels resulting in accumulation of plagues and tangles. Therefore taking life style changes to protect overall health may help to to prevent or delay any other memory loss and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Garlic contains high amounts of iron that help to reproduce blood cells as well improve oxygen levels resulting in better circulation of blood to brain cells.

Control high blood pressure High blood pressure causes the heart to work harder to provide oxygen to brain cells resulting in plague building up in the arterial wall and hardening of arteries. Chlorella contains chlorophyll that help not only to remove plague from the arterial wall but also heavy metals accumulated in our brain.