With the recent changes/additions to Bestiary trying to solve the various issues, and the recent feelings of the community that the nets are taking poe currency spots in the drop pools, I started thinking about the net system as a whole.

They shouldn't be an item because of how stupidly common they are. You start at lvl 1 and you're capturing stuff and it seems like they're gonna be rare. The vendor price keeps going up. Wisdom scroll. Transmute. Alt orb. Alch orb. So it seems like they're gonna be rare and have value but then a little before you hit mapping you realize you have 50 of them and they drop from everything, constantly.

They're so fucking pointless. They're not rare. Its not fun picking them up. Its not fun having to hear them drop with no way to disable that. The nets just suck. Period. They are 10 times more common than beasts. They have no value and are more of a headache than anything you're interested in.

I'd rather have nets be something like labyrinth. You have that net button. Make it so every 10 lvls or something you go to the bestiary and Einhar puts you in the arena and makes you fight some neat encounter to upgrade your net ability.Oh look, thats better than what the devs thought of.

I suggested prior to the league it would of been cool to upgrade nets and they functioned as charms from d2 to give bonus while in your pack but i got 70 downvotes or some poo so no people wanted this the nets would of been valuable and you have 1 net, could only use high tiers of nets to capture beasts so that means ggg could of spawned many beasts per map since we technically may not even be able to catch them at that point.