The Class/Job system is endlessly enjoyable

Final Fantasy XIV is exceptional to others when it comes to its course system, and here's why:

Once a player reaches level 10 using their beginning class, they could change freely between any class in the game WITH FFXIV Gil. This is done merely by equipping a courses weapon. Every class has its own distinctive leveling progression. This means that in the event you've got a level 30 Lancer, but change to a Gladiator for the first time, your Gladiator level will start at 1.

Once you receive a class to level 30, you are able to increase its own designated secondary class to level 15 to unlock a specific Job, which unlocks powerful skills and characteristics. Pugilists - hand combatants - may level a Lancer to 15, to which they could become a Monk. Every class can progress to a Job; Arcanists however can chose between two Jobs.

A Job can also borrow particular skills from its secondary course, which may be switched around at any moment. The sole exception to this is using the new Jobs introduced in Heavensward, which demand no classes - nevertheless can still borrow abilities from the secondary - and begin at level 30 after unlocked.Gone are the days that you need alts to test out other types of play - this system provides you flexibility to test your hand at everything. You'll also get an experience bonus for every course you get to maximum level.

There is some fairly unique terminology employed in FFXIV, which might throw off a few players. But fear not, I'm likely to decipher them why they are important, and what they do to you in reddit ffxiv discuss.

A FATE stands for Total Active Time Events. Fundamentally, they are public quests that occur randomly across Eorzea; much akin to Guild Wars 2's lively events. Just by opening your map, you'll notice any that are now busy, there planned level, and remaining length. There are several different FATEs - some need you to kill waves of enemies, defeat one giant boss-like monster, shield an NPC and collect items.




  • I fully agree with you, this system is very exciting. My friends told me about it and advised to try, maybe in future I will check it. What class do you prefer?
  • To be completely honest, I can't say that I like Final Fantasy as a game. It's too long. All parts. I like WoW better (if you take old games as an example). Once I fell out of the cage for a couple of years but came there again. So that's it. I had to use the wow leveling service to be useful to your clan again)) But I like this dynamic. And I like the open-world too.

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