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Setting up Member Subscriptions

Creating a website built around your premium content is easy with Spruz. In this article I will walk you through some basics of setting up a member subscription page and your member subscription module. Import note: Our Member Subscription Module users the PayPal subscription feature to track and record payments over time.

Membership subscription feature ties into your websites, user access level features to automatically assign a user an access level based on your subscription. Thus automatically granting access to more areas and features of your website upon subscription.  For this example we will assume using a user access level of 2 for subscribers, but this can be anything you want.

Step 1. Planning

Determine what pages or areas of your site you want people to purchase a subscription to access along with the access level you will reserve for this purpose. By default we have user access level 2 reserved for subscriptions, but if you have members using that level already or plan to use that access level for something else you may want to select a higher number.

Step 2. Setting up your Subscription Module

Setup your Member Subscription Module by going to your website, enter management mode from the Manage or Manage Site link, click on Your Site, then Member Subscriptions. The first time you visit this page you may be redirected to the Subscription Settings page. This will setup your sites subscription and the access level granted when people purchase your subscription plan.

Step 3. Customize your subscription package.

  1. Subscription Name - This is what people will see when they subscribe to your plan and make payments.
  2. PayPal Email - You will need to have a verified PayPal Account to accept payments. If you PayPal account is not verified our PayPal will not be able to let our system know when someone subscribes
  3. Price - Set the price of your subscription along with the type of currency for the transaction. Only use Numbers in the Plan price box.
  4. Billing - This is how often your member will be billed for their service with you. You can set it up by Days, Weeks, Months and Years
  5. Free Trial - You may want to offer a free trial for your site, this is done by setting the Free Trial option. When a user subscribes they will be required to setup their PayPal subscription so that when their trial time is up you will automatically get payment. You or the User must cancel the subscription created on PayPal in order to stop future charges.
  6. Access Granted when Subscribed - Once
  7. Subscription Details - This is your sales pitch and should have information that relates to why someone should pay you a free for your service.
  8. Save Changes

Step 4. Setting up the areas of your site you want people to subscribe to view or use.

Go to your Manage Pages and Links area from the "Your Site" Option. You will now what to configure the pages that require the subscription to view. For example, if you want people to be prompted to subscribe when accessing your videos you would set the viewing level of this page to level 2.

Alternatively if you want people to have to subscribe to view other peoples profiles you would go to Manage Site > Settings > Manage Settings > Profile and Group Settings and change the viewing level of your profiles to your subscriber access level. This will still allow the user to manage his own profile.

Step 5. Testing (Optional)

You may want to register a standard user account so that you can see how your subscription settings effect your website.

There are many ways you can configure your website with our member subscription module. We hope this feature helps you build a solid revenue stream from your Spruz powered website!


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Author:Jay Roberts
Published:Nov 24th 2010
Modified:Nov 24th 2010

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