Use your major demand appliances during "off peak" periods.  Backyard Revolution Review  This is basically to prevent blackouts and brownouts but believe me, if either of these situations occur, someone will pay to get the problem fixed and it will probably show up in higher rates. Replace light bulbs with the latest high efficiency types. It just makes sense that a bulb that puts out light equivalent to 100 watts using only 35 watts is going to save you money.

Insulate water heaters and pipes the pipes leading to it. If you can feel heat when you touch your water heater it equates to energy lost. Water heater blankets and pipe insulation will save that energy. Install a programmable thermostat. Having the ability to control heating and cooling automatically for the times they are required is energy efficient. Wash clothes in cold water. Hot water takes energy. Most clothes don't know the difference.

Unplug your TV at night. Many televisions do not shut completely down when they are turned off. If you've ever noticed your TV screen glowing in a dark room, it's using electricity. Some models are designed this way so they will turn on quicker. Pull the plug. Why would you want to build your own wind generator? There is a variety of ready-made wind generators that you can purchase from the Internet and have installed in your backyard. Most also come with a period of product guarantee.