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Send Messages to several friends at once, Expanded Video Support and More!

In our latest round of updates we wanted to focus on a few requests we have seen post in our forums, including being able to compose messages and send messages to more then one friend at a time, able to add embed codes from other Video websites other then YouTube and advanced search options for the Members page.

New Inbox Message Features

Next time you visit your inbox you will notice a new option to compose a New Message. Creating a new message to a friend is very easy, the send message box features real time friend searching, as you type out a name you will be given a list of friends to select from, then enter your subject, message body and click send.

When you send a message to more then one person, all replies will appear in one message thread. This makes it easy to keep track of the conversation.

Timestamps are also a thing of the past, we have replaced the Timestamps with a more localized friendly time since the message was posted.

Due to these changes, your inbox will now only display messages for the website you are on. We no longer display messages from other websites.

New Video Page Features

Previously the video page only supported adding videos from YouTube using a video page URL or uploading videos if you had an upgrade. In our latest changes we have opened up full support for embed codes. This should allow you to place a video from any video source, enjoy!

Advanced Member Search

When you visit your member search page and click on edit feature settings you have a new feature setting called Advanced Search, when checked your users will have the option to enter advanced search. Advanced Search allows people to search by age, status, and gender, with expanded support coming soon for custom member questions.

Major Features In Development

We want to give you a preview of things to come that are currently in development;

  •  Ning Data Importing - Due to the recent release of the Ning Archiving Tool we are using this information to build a way to import members, blogs, events, discussions and pages. We estimate this feature should be ready in the next 2-3 weeks for you to use.
  • Wiki - This is the replacement to the current Knowledge base feature. As many of you know it has been a long time coming and one of those items that just had to be pushed back a few times. The Wiki is a complex feature that should have a range of uses. Estimated release date 3-4 weeks
  • SPL (Spruz Platform Language)  and API (Application Programming Interface) release - Opening up the platform for 3rd party developers has always been in our plan, and I am happy to report that we are closer then ever with the full release of our SPI documentation, new API interface and App Library. Estimated Release date for full SPI Documentation 2-4 weeks and our API 5-7 weeks.
  • Content Settings - Content settings is a new section that will be added to the Site Settings area to give you more detailed control over your website features. Content settings will allow you to control comment box features, ability to customize the sharing and rating features on Videos, Photos Etc., member file space limit settings, and more. Estimated release date 2-3 weeks.
  • Content Templates - This a progression update that is in progress now. Content templates in time will allow you to control all system text within your website. This system can also be used to change the language of system text. Part of this update also includes a new setting that is soon to be added to your site settings that will allow you to control the character set your website uses to display content.

Note: The editor has been updated with several fixes in this update. If you do not see the editor showing for you, that means you have a cached version of the editor in your browser that is causing this to happen, please hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and press the F5 key when on a page that should have the editor to get the latest version for you and display it correctly.

Like with any of our updates, if you notice an issue please open a support ticket to report the problem. Commenting on issues will not help us solve problems.


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