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SPL Flat Data Codes

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Below is a list of codes you can use on your website to display a variety of information. Some great uses for SPL codes is the ability to pass information to third party Javascript components, such as chat rooms, messaging, etc. Some of our SPL codes can by used in conjunction with many of our built-in SPL code functions as well.

Flat Data codes can be used in any custom code box (HTML Code Box) or custom content box (Rich Text Editor).

  1. Member Information Codes:
    1. $member_guid - The unique member GUID of the member logged into the website. If the member is not logged in this will be blank.
    2. $mnick - This is replaced with the Nick Name/Display name of the member logged into the website and is replaced with Guest if no one is logged in.
    3. $member_username - Outputs the unique member username.
    4. $member_age - Outputs the users age in years.
    5. $member_gender - This will display the members gender.
    6. $member_joined - Outputs the date the member joined the website.
    7. $member_joined_days - Similar to $member_joined but will output the days since the member joined.
    8. $member_access_level - Displays the members access level.
    9. $member_profile_image - Displays the members profile pic/avatar.
  1. Site Information (This is great to use to keep you from having to update information they may change on you website at some. point):
    1. $site_name - will output your the name of your site
    2. $page_url - will display the current page url in URL Encode format.
    3. $domain - will output the domain name of your website
    4. $meta_keywords - will output the keyword information you used when setting up your website
    5. $meta_desc - will display the site description from your site properties section.
    6. $instance_guid - will output the unique guid sequence that tells our system what information to draw for your website.
    7. $instance_o_guid - will display the GUID code of the member account that created the website.
  1. Common Information Codes:
    1. $curtime - will output our local server time
    2. $now - will output our local server date and time
    3. $date - will output only the local server date
    4. $date_friendly - will output the local server date in a friendly format such as Thursday, February 22, 2001
Published:Sep 14th 2010
Modified:Sep 14th 2010

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