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Remove Branding and Links

Question:  How do I remove the links in my website footer?

Answer: If you just want to remove the advertisement links in your footer on your free website all you need to do is upgrade your plan.


Question:  How do I remove "This website is powered by the Spruz Social Websites" from my website.

Answer: If you wish to remove the Spruz branding from your website you will need to go to the upgrade page.  Then look for the option shown in the image below.


If you want to remove branding it will cost an additional $4.95/mo.  Select the radial button "Yes - Add $4.95/mo" then to confirm your order select "Order Now."  If you have a promo code be sure to enter it in before you select "Order Now."

Published:Jul 21st 2011
Modified:Jul 21st 2011

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