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Hi, All!

I have a website that I want to make all black background.  I've succeeded in most of it, but can't figure out where to change the background of pieces like the profile, message, and element borders:

So, basically, everywhere you see white here, I want black.  How would I accomplish this?





  • For openers, Mishelle, be sure you give us your URL so we can look at the source code and see what's happening. For general information about Spruz structure and elements see: .

    Okay, is this your site:

    Unfortunately, your member area is private, so we can't see if you've solved the problem yet. But your main styling CSS page is found here: -- The custom modifiers you added are at the bottom of the CSS page. When posting to the Owner's Community be certain that you don't type any HTML or CSS script into the editor because Spruz has brilliantly programmed the editor to permanently block your account. You won't even be able to send a service request. So you know.

    Background image and color in the Spruz sites is handled as a body attribute. Adjustments to appearance are made in manage mode here:

    Struggling to give you a useful answer here, but the Spruz bug-ridden editor keeps kicking me out. Here is a member page from one of our premium sites:

    It's also squeezing the image down so you can't really see the text. Another of the many reasons Spruz is not our main host. The background is black because style.css has set id="master-table-container" to background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); The elements contained by the table have been set to background-color: transparent; so that the black background shows through.

    That is basically all there is to it. Hope this is helpful ☺



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