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Owners Community Revamp
Category: Community News

We completed a few updates here on our Owners' Community to make it easier for you to connect with our community of website creators, access support requests, and information in our knowledge base.

Some changes you may notice include;

  1. A brand new look! We have elected for a left side navigation that mimics the navigation located in your site settings areas. By using this layout we can set longer labels for navigation links, making it easier for new and old users alike to find information easier.
  2. Site adapts to your screen resolution, this is great for those of you on higher then 1024X728 resolutions as you can now see more on screen then you could before.
  3. We have added several new links to give quick access to Community Activity, Different Forum Areas, Knowledge Base, and Support Tickets.
  4. The Support button on the site Management Bar has been changed to Help and directs to the owners community while still keeping your site in management mode.


Over the next few months we will be working hard to offer more how-to guides and videos on using your Spruz powered website. your ability to access help and other resources.

Happy Holidays!


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