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New Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more sign in feature.


We have rolled our a new update that focuses on making it easier for people to sign up on your website. In today's environment a typical user is on 5+ Communities and trying to grab them from these larger communities is a big barrier. Most people just won't sign up on a smaller website because of the dread of having to manage another account username and password. We have solved this by deploying a new sign in feature that not only adds Facebook connect type login but a selection of many others to give people several account options to join your website. The goal is to help make it easier for you to covert your site traffic into active website members.

To accomplish this task we have integrated with RPXNOW APIs that features single sign in integration with 12 different providers (Google, Facebook, Live, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, Etc). If you are using a or extension Single Sign in is already enabled. If you would like to register your own RPX account and select your own providers then read our knowledge base article on setting up single sign in.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, as I am sure it will add more registrations to your website if you are promoting it.


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