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  • how do i get people on my site please go sign up and tell me what i am doing wrong

  • It takes a bit of marketing strategy to get people to your website, and as well in many cases, some money. You could do things like creating facebook pages, twitter, and other social accounts to help build your presence on the internet. You could possibly purchase some ad space on websites that would have people who would likely be interested in your sites content. Relying on search engine results is another possibility, but it takes time, patience, and some hard work by way of research and a bit of luck. Those are all approaches you could take to get people to your site. Getting people to sign up once they are there is another case all in itself. 

    If you want people to come to your site, and then sign up, you will want to make sure of a few things. The easiest way I can think of to approach this is to put yourself into the visitors shoes. Be mindful to wipe the slate clean when it comes to what you know your site is supposed to be about when thinking of what other people see. A good check point system is below:

    1. When people come to your site, do they instantly know what its about? 
    2. Does your site specifically state who it's inteneded for?
    3. Is there enough interesting content to make people want to check everything out?
    4. Is your idea original, and if not, does your site do a better job of fulfilling it's purpose than other sites that are already doing the same thing?
    5. Is your design up to par with other popular websites?
    6. Is your site easily navigatable, with no questions on where to find things? 

    While this is certainly not a complete list of things to keep in mind, it's a solid start.

    It's important to keep in mind that websites can be, and usually are a bit of work to get off the ground running. Creating it is rarely enough, and a larger scale plan is almost always in order. If the idea and concept of your website is not completely original, you not only have to do the regular amount of work to get a website noticed virallly, but you also have to do such a good job that people notice you over top of the websites that may have been doing what you are trying to do for years already. It's not impossible, but you will be tested. 


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