Knockma Woods

Knockma Woods atau hutan knockma adalah hutan yang terletak di Belantara Barat, Irlandia. Konon, hutan ini terdapat sebuah kerajaan peri, yaitu kerajaan peri finvarra di sebuah bukit bebatuan. Para arkeolog telah meneliti dan menemukan monumen-monumen batu yang diperkirakan dari zaman 6000-7000 SM.


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  • One of the interesting features of futures options trading is the versatility. With futures commodity trading, you are not just buying or selling; every decision brings other possibilities and more interesting variables. Below are some of the typical ticket types in futures commodity trading.

    The Market Order

    The market order is the most common order for the beginner investing in futures commodity trading. Once you have decided to open or close a position, you can use a market order. This futures commodity trading order is executed at the best possible price obtainable at the time the order reaches the trading pit.

    The Limit Order

    A limit order is a directive to buy or sell at a specific price. In commodity 期指是什麼 trading, limit orders to buy are placed below the market while limit orders to sell are placed above the market. Since it is possible that the market may never reach a limit order, an investor could miss out on the position if he or she uses a limit order. In most instances with this futures commodity trading order, the market must trade through the limit price for the customer to get a fill.

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