Keys to Real Success - Uncovering Mistaken Beliefs About Ourselves

Note Your Accomplishments. Keep track of how well you're 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review doing and give yourself a hearty bravo on a regular basis. Self-discipline is all in your mind, so making your mind a happy, focused place is key. The more you notice how well you're doing, the more you'll be inspired to keep the ball rolling. Make a Bet With Someone Mean. 

If you're someone who really thrives on accountability, this can be a great way to keep yourself in line. Make a bet with someone who will hold you to it, someone who won't coddle you or "understand that you tried your best," who will not take excuses and who will show up at your doorstep if you stop answering their calls. And make sure you bet something that's painful enough to lose but not too unrealistic. For example, you could bet someone $100 that you'll have the first chapter of your book written by a certain date. Make it a payable amount that you really don't want to pay.

"Don't let anyone steal your time. It is priceless and should be guarded with care." (Stanley 10(3)). T.L. Stanley also states that time is a valuable commodity that can never be refunded (Stanley 10(3)). Guarding time can be a difficult task with today's hectic schedule. Adding a college education on top of a normal everyday routine can be very stressful upon an individual's schedule. Being a college student requires a tremendous amount of time and energy absorbing and reviewing material.



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