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​What an Html Page is used for

Ultimately, an Html Page is used when you have either a large amount of text to put on a page, or if you want to make your own layout for the page using your own Html. Elements can not be placed on an Html Page. The Html Page comes with it's own built in editor that is easy to use, and as well the Html Page has the most feature rich editor on your site. The contents of your page will all come from what you enter within the editor. Documentation on how to use the editor is listed here in good detail.

​How to add an Html Page

​Once logged into your website, click on the manage site link, and that brings up your management menu. On your page tools menu you click on "add page". 

In the list of pages that appears, you'll select the Html Page and then click the continue button. You'll then see a box appear asking you to name your page, set it's place in the navigations and ect.. Fill that out how you like and click the "create page" button. Using the editor, you are ready to add your content to the page.

Useful Tips

​You can save time when editing an html page by double clicking anywhere within it's content section to open the editor tools. 

Html pages are a great way to generate search engine friendly content containing the keywords for your site. For example, you could combine what you learn here and here into a page that describes your site.

If you have any questions further regarding the Html Page, we welcome them in our forum.

Published:Mar 23rd 2012
Modified:Mar 23rd 2012

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