AVG has proved its worth in last two and a half decades with its excellent performance to protect your device from viruses and malwares. Whether you are using a free version or a paid version, it will never let you down. But you might come across some technical issues while downloading or installing AVG antivirus in your device. Though you donít have to worry much in this situation as you can resolve the installation issue without much effort on your own, all you need to do is follow the guidelines given in this lesson.

  1. In case you have any corrupted access right to AVG files; use AVG Reset Access Tool to repair this issue:


  • Close all documents and programs after saving.
  • Download AVG Reset Access Tool from a reliable source.
  • Again close all running programs.
  • Now run the downloaded file.
  • Click on Agree and continue to confirm the license agreement.
  • Click Continue to finally fix the issue.
  • Restart your computer.


  1. To Remove AVG program or its parts, download AVG Remover:


  • Download AVG Remover Tool and run the download.
  • Click continues to accept the license policy.
  • Select all AVG products that you want to uninstall and then click Remove.
  • Click Restart.


  1. You are ready to download and install AVG:


  • Download AVG antivirus program from a reliable source.
  • Run the downloaded file to start installation.
  • Follow the guidelines given on screen.
  • When asked, fill AVG license number that you will receive on your email ID.
  • Once you are done with installation, restart your computer.


If you want to install AVG from one device to another, then you have to uninstall the AVG product from the older device as you canít use the license key on more than one device. After this you can download and install the AVG antivirus in your new device by following the steps given to you in C part. For more queries please get in touch with Avg Support Number @1-800-875-393 (Toll -Free) for  24 x 7 in Australia  and it  allow us to fix all technical issues with AVG antivirus.