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How does the live help/support chat work?

Live chat Operators are there to help you with Sales/Upgrade Questions, help you locate further help and support when needed (Point you to our Knowledge Base Articles, locating support tickets, etc), and answer quick questions about platform functionality. If you need someone to walk you through working with your website I recommend purchasing a Web Expert package.

Some people think the live support chat is a computer and can not help them.  This is not the case we are experienced users of the spruz platform that can answer almost any questions you may need help with.  Some questions may need to be answered via a support ticket.

While we can answer questions we can not help with lost log in information.  If you lost your login information please click the "Forgot Password" link on the sign-in page.

Billing and technical issues can not be resolved over chat as much as we might like to help you.  If you need help with one of these issues you can contact support via a support ticket.  We can look up your account for you but most information you can get yourself by going to and clicking "Account" once you log-in to the site.

To contact the live help chat look for this image:

live help online!

If you see a grey background with "offline" instead of "online" the live chat is not available at that time.  If you click the link when the chat is not available you will get a pop-up saying to leave a message.  It is not recommended you use this to contact support and should put in a support ticket to make sure support receives your message.

 offline message form 

When contacting support it is important to fill out the chat survey with your name and email.  If you provide the correct email in the survey we will not have to ask you for it to look up your account.  If you would like the transcript emailed to you please check the box.  The survey will look like this:

 Live support survey 

Published:May 27th 2011
Modified:May 27th 2011

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